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Level 1, 459 Ballarat Road
Sunshine VIC 3020

Phone: (03) 9312-3689
Fax: (03) 9312-4754
Email: info@bpachildrenservices.com

Contact Details

Carmody Drive
Cairnlea VIC 3023

Melways Ref: 25 H5

Phone: 9363 1762
Fax: 9363 7211
Email: carmody.dr.kin@kindergarten.vic.gov.au

Nominated Supervisor: Anne Marie Parkinson

Educational Leader: Anne Marie Parkinson

ACECQA National Quality Standard (NQS) Rating:
Educational program and practice – Meeting NQS
QA2: Children’s health and safety – Meeting NQS
QA3: Physical environment – Exceeding NQS
QA4: Staffing arrangements – Exceeding NQS
QA5: Relationships with children – Meeting NQS
QA6: Collaborative partnerships with families and communities – Meeting NQS
QA7: Leadership and service management – Meeting NQS
Overall rating:  Meeting NQS 

About The Centre

Carmody Drive Kindergarten is a double unit kindergarten, which means they operate out of two rooms – Waratah and Banksia Rooms.  The centre offers a 4 year old rotational program in the Waratah Room and a 4 year old sessional group and 3 year old rotational program in the Banksia Room.  The Banksia Room doubles as a Community Room outside of kinder hours and therefore is a pack up/set up program and not a permanent kindergarten space.

The 4 year old rotational program in the Waratah Room has 30 children attend each session with 3 educators, whereas both the 3 and 4 year old program in the Banksia Room has 22 children attend each session with 2 educators.  All programs offered at the centre are delivered by qualified early childhood educators, who aim to provide a high quality educational program.

Groups that operate in the Waratah Room are – Possums (4yo), Bilbies (4yo), Wombats (4yo), Wallabies (4yo) and Echidnas (4yo)

Groups that operate in the Banksia Room are – Platypus (4yo), Koalas (3yo), Kangaroos (3yo) and Lorikeets (3yo).

Rotational Groupings

With rotational groupings, over the course of the week, the children get to meet the majority of the four year old children at our Kindergarten, which is of great benefit and assists them to feel more comfortable throughout the year. The more familiar faces at a new kindergarten the better!

The social benefits of rotational groupings cannot be emphasized enough. The children meet and play with new friends and old friends each day. And very early in the year, children are able to remember, for example, that a particular friend they enjoy the company of may come on a Tuesday and a Wednesday, and others they enjoy playing with may come on a Monday.

Rotational groupings tend to allow children to extend and enjoy friendships, with different social dynamics each session, and this can often help minimize ‘cliquiness’ (children staying within the same small group of friends all year without branching out).

Grouping our children in the above groups allows us to offer our four year old children four 3.75 hour sessions per week, which totals 15 hours of high quality kindergarten for each of our children.

2019 Session Times

4 year old kindergarten – 15 hours per week


Monday & Tuesday:
Thursday & Friday:
8.15am – 12.00pm
1.00pm – 4.45pm


Monday & Tuesday:
Wednesday & Thursday:
8.15am – 12.00pm
1.00pm – 4.45pm


Monday & Friday:
Wednesday & Thursday:
1.00pm – 4.45pm
8.15am – 12.00pm


Monday & Tuesday:
Wednesday & Friday:
1.00pm – 4.45pm
8.15am – 12.00pm


Tuesday & Wednesday:
Thursday & Friday:
1.00pm – 4.45pm
8.15am – 12.00pm


Monday & Friday:
8.30am – 2.00pm
8.30am – 12.30pm

3 year old Activity Groups – 3 groups with 5 hours per week


1.15pm – 3.45pm
9.15am – 11.45am


1.15pm – 3.45pm
9.15am – 11.45am


Wednesday & Thursday:9.15am – 11.45am

2019 Term Fees


$400 per term


$405 per term

BPA Children’s Services sets annual fees based on the shortfall between Government funding and the operating costs of the centre.

Fee Subsidy for Low Income Families

As per State Government Policy, Concession Card Holders are entitled to 15 hrs per week of free kindergarten in the four year old program only. The concession card must be sighted by a member of BPA Children’s Services staff when requested. Failure to show a valid concession card will result in full fees being charged. There is no subsidy for three year old programs.

Centre Philosophy

  • We at Carmody Drive Kindergarten believe that children learn best through play. Play provides opportunities for children to follow their interests and learn at their own pace. Through a combination of interest based learning, spontaneous discoveries and intentional teaching, the educational program is developed as a team approach with partnerships between educators, children and their families as well as the wider community where we share decisions.
  • We respectfully acknowledge the traditional owners and custodians of the land on which we play and learn, the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation. We pay our respects to the Elders, past, present and future. We promote the cultural safety of Indigenous children.
  • We believe that the learning potential of each child is harnessed by promoting a sense of Being, Belonging and Becoming.
  • We believe that the statement of philosophy and our educational program is not static and that they evolve and change as new insights are gained, current practice is examined and reflected upon, and new families join our community. Our program reflects current practice, research and innovations in the Early Childhood field.
  • We value children as capable, competent and confident learners.
  • We value each child’s efforts and encourage children to extend their own ideas, explore new options and reflect upon their own actions and observations.
  • We celebrate diversity. We encourage children to embrace difference and we promote tolerance and cultural safety. Sharing traditional, cultural and family experiences allows children to better understand themselves and others, and to explore the world around them. We believe in the importance of learning about our Indigenous cultures as part of learning about our shared heritage.
  • We value the importance of the learning environment both indoors and outdoors. We believe aesthetically pleasing experiences promote participation and deeper learning opportunities as children engage in play, develop independence, have open ended interactions, practice spontaneity, become better citizens of the world, challenge themselves with risk taking and foster a connection with nature and living things.
  • We encourage children to play in and with nature and to develop awareness about their responsibility to care for the environment for a sustainable future.
  • We believe the role of the adult is to provide a responsive and thought provoking environment where positive reinforcement, respect and encouragement makes learning possible and valued.
  • We believe in providing a holistic approach for the children coming to us from varying contexts and with differing needs, abilities and interests. Patience and tolerance are important values encouraged at our centre and we also promote the safety of children with a disability.
  • We recognise and value the knowledge and commitment of our educators. We provide an environment of learning and continued professional development were we facilitate critical reflection, open discussions, and philosophical and theoretical debate.
  • We believe in providing a supportive environment where the well being of the educators, children and families is fundamental and we are committed to the rights of all children to feel safe and be safe at all times.


Four Year Old Kindergarten

To be eligible for four year old kindergarten a child must turn four years of age on or before 30th of April in the year of attendance.

To register your child in 4 year old kindergarten, please collect a form from the kindergarten or Brimbank City Council who runs the Central Registration system.

Specific enquiries can be directed to:
Preschool Central Registration Administration Officer on 9249 4490 or preschool@brimbank.vic.gov.au or to download a form click on the following link: Brimbank City Council – Preschool Registration

Three Year Old Kindergarten

To be eligible for 3 year old kindergarten a child must turn three years of age on or before 30th April in the year of attendance.

Children CANNOT commence before they turn three years of age.


To register your child in 3 year old kindergarten, please collect a form from the kindergarten or BPA Children’s Services who operates the Registration System for 3 Year Old Kindergarten at this service.

Enquiries can be directed to Raylee Waters on 9312 3689 or enrol@bpachildrenservices.com.

To download an Expression of Interest or Registration form please refer to the 3 Year Old Registration Forms tab to the right of screen.