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BPA Children's Services

Contact Details

47 Furlong Road
Sunshine North VIC 3020

Melways Ref: 26 G6

Phone: 9311 7613
Email: dorothy.carlton.kin@kindergarten.vic.gov.au

Nominated Supervisor:  Jonelle Papley

Educational Leader:  Jonelle Papley

ACECQA National Quality Standard (NQS) Rating:
Educational program and practice – Exceeding NQS

QA2:  Children’s health and safety – Meeting NQS
QA3:  Physical environment – Meeting NQS
QA4:  Staffing arrangements – Exceeding NQS
QA5:  Relationships with children – Exceeding NQS
QA6:  Collaborative partnerships with families and communities – Exceeding NQS
QA7:  Leadership and service management – Exceeding NQS
Overall rating:  Exceeding NQS 

2022 Session Times

Please refer to the Home page for a list of 2022 kindergarten timetables for BPA centres located in Brimbank.

2021 Session Times

4 year old kindergarten – 15 hours per week

Monday:  12.45pm – 4.45pm
Tuesday:  8.30am – 2.00pm
Wednesday:  8.30am – 2.00pm

Monday:  8.15am – 12.15pm
Thursday:  8.30am – 2.00pm
Friday:  8.30am – 2.00pm

2021 Term Fees

Free in 2021 as part of the Victorian State Government Initiative.

Centre Philosophy

We believe in the importance of …

A welcoming environment where all families feel safe, supported and valued for their contribution, as their children experience the joy of learning.

Children as researchers in their own learning, engaging with our educationally rich environments to enhance development in the five key developmental areas of cognitive, social/emotional, gross motor, fine motor and language development.

Children actively engaging in a stimulating program that promotes interactions, fosters high level thinking skills, encourages children to be creative and use flexible modes of thinking to explore, play, experiment, hypothesise, manipulate, develop and scaffold their understandings of the world around them.

Flexible programming to develop positive mindsets such as independence, persistence, resilience, initiative and agency within Vygotsky’s zone of proximal development.

Partnership with family, culture, local community and Indigenous culture to enhance children’s identity and build strong learning relationships.

The value of diversity as it contributes to the richness of our society, enriching wellbeing, developing positive social and emotional skills of tolerance, patience, empathy, confidence, kindness and care for others.

Commitment to promoting respect for the environment, developing sustainable practices, ethical thinking and the development of global awareness.

A cooperative team utilising open communication, to explore children’s understandings, skills, interests and strengths, to build a program embedded within the five developmental domains of the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework; to develop a strong sense of identity, be connected with and contribute to their world, have a strong sense of wellbeing, be confident and involved learners and be effective communicators.

Professional responsibility to continuously engage in active learning of current theories and practices, including utilising critical reflection, a cycle of review to inform teaching practices, improve children’s experiences and learning, including the voice of educators, children and families as our learning community.


Four Year Old Kindergarten

To be eligible for four year old kindergarten a child must turn four years of age on or before the 30th of April in the year of attendance.  To register your child in 4 year old kindergarten, please collect a form from the kindergarten or Brimbank City Council who runs the Central Registration system.

Specific enquiries can be directed to:
Preschool Central Registration Administration Officer on 9249 4490 or preschool@brimbank.vic.gov.au
or to download a form click on the following link: Brimbank City Council – Preschool Registration

Three Year Old Kindergarten

This centre does not currently offer a 3 year old program.