BPA Partnerships

At BPA Children's Services we recognise and value the importance of working together in partnership with our local community to ensure the best outcomes for children and families.

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All educators at BPA Children’s Services undergo regular training to ensure that they are aware of how to recognise, report and support concerns relating to abuse, neglect or family violence. Educators and BPA Early Years Advisors work closely with child protection to implement strategies to keep children and families safe.

BPA has established a close working relationship with the Department of Education through attending regular meetings, seeking advice, participating in training and networking opportunities as well as reading and responding to correspondence.

With the introduction of School Readiness Funding, BPA were fortunate to be able to develop an ongoing working relationship with the Alannah and Madeline Foundation. This partnership has grown over the years and now allows for multiple Alannah and Madeline consultants to work along side BPA Kindergartens and Long Day Care centres, supporting children, families and educators in times of trauma or when they may need additional support.

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One of the major benefits of attending a BPA service is the networking opportunities that educators have with other BPA services. In the past, educators have been able to share strategies, work towards common goals and refer families to other services that may be more suitable (for example, if a family moves or needs different/ longer hours).

This networking allows educators to share knowledge and implement positive change within their own service as required.

BPA services are located in 4 different municipalities. The management team and the BPA Board work alongside local council representatives to ensure that buildings are maintained and are safe for children at all times.

Educators and representatives from BPA also attend networking meetings hosted by their relevant council to ensure that they are aware of important events and information that might affect their area. Educators promote council events and programs to the families at their services